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Established in 1997, the Department of Biomedical Engineering seeks to provide a first-class engineering education that prepares students for a variety of careers. Our department builds upon a long tradition of commitment to first-class teaching and research. Particularly in partnership with the world-renowned School of Medicine, our research seeks to bring innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to advancing basic science and to allow us to better understand, diagnose and treat human diseases. We are committed to providing outstanding training to the next generation of biomedical engineers that will lead to successful, productive careers.


  • Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • Cardiovascular Engineering
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Molecular, Cellular and Systems Engineering
  • Neural Engineering

Featured News

Doctoral student wins $100,000 in healthcare technology competition

Xinyu (David) Song took second place and won $100,000 in the CIMIT Student Healthcare Technology competition. ​


Raman seeks to replicate sense of smell with NSF CAREER Award

Recreating the senses, such as the sense of smell or touch, is no small feat for scientists, as it relies on understanding how the brain processes information.


Arch Grants’ startups stay successful—and most stay in St. Louis

Sparo Labs is a good poster child for where entrepreneurial spirit can take you in St. Louis...


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Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert
Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert
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