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Faculty Focused Researcher Symposium Focused Researcher Symposium2020-01-09T06:00:00Z<p>The Research Education & Information Office within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) will host a faculty focused symposium on a variety of topics pertaining to effective research management. The time and location will be announced at a later date.<br/></p><p> The event will help researchers navigate the complexities of the research environment by featuring a variety of sessions on topics such as:</p><ul><li>finding funding</li><li>clinical trials</li><li>working with international collaborators</li><li>data management</li><li>writing a protocol</li><li>managing relationships within your lab</li><li>postdoc recruitment and management</li><li>good clinical practice training<br/></li><li>entrepreneurship</li><li>much more!</li></ul><p>In order to provide sessions that are of the most interest to the Washington University research community, we ask you to complete this <a href="">brief (two-minute) survey</a> designed for faculty input. Your feedback will help shape the symposium and allow us to provide programming of most benefit to WashU faculty.<br/></p>
First Day of Classes Day of Classes2020-01-13T06:00:00Z
BME Seminar: TBD Seminar: TBD2020-01-16T06:00:00Z10:00 amRoom 218, Whitaker Hall<p>​TBD<br/></p>
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