Past Seminar Series

 Fall 2019



BME Seminar: Christine Schmidt Seminar: Christine Schmidt2019-08-29T05:00:00ZChristine Schmidt, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Schmidt,%20Christine%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Engineering Natural-Based Materials for Functional Nerve Regeneration</a><br rtenodeid="10"/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMLori Setton
BME Seminar: Vivek Jayaraman Seminar: Vivek Jayaraman2019-09-12T05:00:00ZVivek Jayaraman, PhD<p>​<strong><a href="/Events/Documents/Jayaraman,%20Vivek%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">The Generation and Use of an Internal Representation of Heading That is Flexible Yet Stable</a></strong><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMBarani Raman
BME Seminar: Jianjie Ma Seminar: Jianjie Ma2019-09-19T05:00:00ZJianjie Ma, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Ma,%20Jianjie%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Finding a Pixie Dust for Cell Membrane Repair and Regenerative Medicine</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMJianmin Cui
BME Seminar: Christine Hendon Seminar: Christine Hendon2019-09-26T05:00:00ZChristine Hendon, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Hendon,%20Christine%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="1">​Monitoring and Guidance of Ablation Therapy with Optics</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMJon Silva
BME Seminar: Thi Nguyen, PhD and Michelle DeLaire, PhD,-PhD.aspxBME Seminar: Thi Nguyen, PhD and Michelle DeLaire, PhD2019-10-10T05:00:00ZThi Nguyen, PhD and Michelle DeLaire, PhD<p>​Navigating Your PhD<br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMBME DC
BME Seminar: Gretchen Meyer Seminar: Gretchen Meyer2019-10-24T05:00:00ZGretchen Meyer, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Meyer,%20Gretchen%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Fat-muscle Signaling: The Good, The Bad and The Beige</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMLori Setton
BME Seminar: Qi Wang Seminar: Qi Wang2019-10-31T05:00:00ZQi Wang, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Wang,%20Qi%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Reading and Writing the Neural Code: Initial Steps Towards Restoring and Enhancing Sensory Functions Using Brain-Machine Interfaces</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMBarani Raman
BME Seminar: Yong Wang Seminar: Yong Wang2019-11-14T06:00:00ZYong Wang, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Wang,%20Yong%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Electromyometrial Imaging (EMMI) of Uterine Contractions</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMJon Silva
BME/MEMS Special Seminar Victor H. Barocas.aspxBME/MEMS Special Seminar2019-11-18T06:00:00ZVictor H. Barocas<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Barocas_Seminar_Abstract_11_18_2019.pdf">​How Can We Use the Ever-Increasing Supply of Information To Do Better Computational Biomechanics?</a><br/></p>Room 0120, Green Hall11:00 AMBME/MEMS
BME Seminar: Jason Burdick Seminar: Jason Burdick2019-11-21T06:00:00ZJason Burdick, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Burdick,%20Jason%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="10">​Engineering Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMNathaniel Huebsch
BME Seminar: Lonnie Shea Shea.aspxBME Seminar: Lonnie Shea2019-12-05T06:00:00ZLonnie Shea, PhD<p>​<a href="/Events/Documents/Shea,%20Lonnie%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="2">Tissue Engineering for Early Disease Detection and Monitoring Response</a><br rtenodeid="6"/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:00 AMLori Setton




BME Seminar: Aaron Seitz Seminar: Aaron Seitz2018-09-06T05:00:00ZAaron Seitz, PhD<p>​<a href="" rtenodeid="9"><em rtenodeid="11">The Promise of Brain Training Games</em></a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 a.m.Dennis Barbour
BME Seminar: Sharona Gordon Seminar: Sharona Gordon2018-09-13T05:00:00ZSharona Gordon, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Gordon,%20Sharona%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">No Gain, No Pain: Phosphoinositide Regulation of TRPV1 Ion Channels</a><br/></p>Whitaker Hall Room 21810:10 amJiamin Cui
BME Seminar: Paula Hammond Seminar: Paula Hammond2018-09-20T05:00:00ZPaula Hammond, PhD<p>David H. Koch Chair, Professor of Engineering<br/>Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering<br/>Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br/></p>Moore Auditorium, North Building, School of Medicine1:00 PMSponsored by: The Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program Initiative to Maximize Student Development with BME, EECE, SOM Office of Diversity Programs and the Center on Urban Research and Public Policy
BME Seminar: Milan Yager Seminar: Milan Yager2018-09-21T05:00:00ZMilan Yager, PhD<a href="/Events/Documents/Yager,%20Milan%20P%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">Falling Out of Love With Science</a><br/>Room 100, Whitaker Hall3:30 PMLori Setton, PhD
BME Seminar: Byron Yu Seminar: Byron Yu2018-09-27T05:00:00ZByron Yu, PhD<p>​Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering <br/>Carnegie Mellon University<br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 AMBarani Raman, PhD
BME Seminar: Zhen Xu Seminar: Zhen Xu2018-10-04T05:00:00ZZhen Xu, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Xu,%20Zhen_seminar%20poster.pdf">​Histrotripsy: Imaging Guided Ultrasound Therapy for Non-invasive Surgery</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 AMHong Chen, PhD
BME Seminar: Mansoor A. Haider Seminar: Mansoor A. Haider2018-11-05T06:00:00ZMansoor A. Haider<p><span rtenodeid="7" class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="background-color: #ffffff; text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;"><a href="/Events/Documents/Haider,%20Mansoor.pdf" rtenodeid="2">Development and Calibration of Mathematical Models for Matrix Accumulation and Remodeling in Biological Soft Tissues</a></span><br rtenodeid="9"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall11:00 amLori Setton/Kathy Flores
Seminar: Craig J. Goergen Craig J. Goergen2018-11-15T06:00:00ZCraig J. Goergen, PhD<div rtenodeid="2" style="font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; background-color: transparent; border-width: 0px; font-family: "open sans", "helvetica neue", helvetica, arial, sans-serif; border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0px;"><span rtenodeid="3" style="background-color: transparent;"><strong rtenodeid="4"><a href="/Events/Documents/FLYER%20-Craig%20J.%20Goergen,%20Ph.D.%20-%20Nov.%2015.pdf" rtenodeid="6">Cardiovascular 4D Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Murine Imaging</a></strong></span></div>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 amLori Setton
BME Seminar: Kausik Si Seminar: Kausik Si2018-11-29T06:00:00ZKausik Si, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Kausik,%20Si%20Flyer.pdf">What Memories are Made Of</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 a.m.Rohit Pappu
BME Seminar: Steven Poelzing Seminar: Steven Poelzing2018-12-06T06:00:00ZSteven Poelzing, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Poelzing,%20Steven%20Flyer.pdf"><span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;"></span></a><a href="/Events/Documents/Poelzing,%20Steven%20Flyer.pdf"><span><span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;">​</span></span><span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;"><a href="/Events/Documents/Poelzing,%20Steven%20Flyer.pdf" rtenodeid="3">Buffers and Biomedical Reproducibility:  Lessons from the Heart</a></span></a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 AMJon Silva, PhD
BME Seminar: Chao Zhou Zhou.aspxBME Seminar: Chao Zhou2018-12-18T06:00:00ZChao Zhou, PhD<p><strong></strong><a href="/Events/Documents/Zhou,%20Chao_Seminar%20Poster.pdf">Ultrahigh-Speed Optical Coherence Tomography and its Biomedical Applications</a><br/></p>Room 218, Whitaker Hall10:10 amLori Setton
BME Seminar: Ariel Furst Seminar: Ariel Furst2019-01-10T06:00:00ZAriel L. Furst, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Furst,%20Ariel%20L.%20Seminar%20Poster_v2.pdf">​Electrochemistry for Sensors and Energy</a><br rtenodeid="7"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMLori Setton
BME Seminar: Song Hu Seminar: Song Hu2019-01-17T06:00:00ZSong Hu, PhD<p><span rtenodeid="8" class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;"><a href="/Events/Documents/Hu,%20Song%20Seminar%20Poster_v2.pdf" rtenodeid="9">Mulit-parametric Photoacoustic Microscopy: Auscultation of Hemodynamics and Energy Metabolism at the Microscopic Level</a></span><br rtenodeid="7"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMLori Setton
BME Seminar: Ahmet F. Coskun Seminar: Ahmet F. Coskun2019-01-29T06:00:00ZAhmet F. Coskun, PhD<p>​<a href="/Events/Documents/Coskun,%20Ahmet%20F.%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="2">Multiplex Imaging of Spatial Biology in Single Cells</a><br rtenodeid="7"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMBarani Raman
BME Seminar: Yonggang Shi Seminar: Yonggang Shi2019-01-31T06:00:00ZYonggang Shi, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Shi,%20Yonggang%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​<span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;">Neuro Image Computing Research for Translational Brain Mapping and Beyond</span></a><br rtenodeid="7"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:00 AM* special start timeQuing Zhu
BME Seminar: Jonathan T. Reeder Seminar: Jonathan T. Reeder2019-02-05T06:00:00ZJonathan T. Reeder, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Reeder,%20Jonathan%20T.%20Poster.pdf">​Soft Biomedical Devices for Modulating, Measuring and Exploiting Thermal Physiology</a><br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMLori Setton
BME Seminar: Laurel E. Hind Seminar: Laurel E. Hind2019-02-07T06:00:00ZLaurel E. Hind, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Hind,%20Laurel%20E.%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​Elucidating the Role of the Microenvironment in Directing Innate Immune Cell Motility</a><br rtenodeid="8"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMJon Silva
BME Seminar: Lingyan Shi Seminar: Lingyan Shi2019-02-12T06:00:00ZLingyan Shi, PhD<p><span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;"><a href="/Events/Documents/Shi,%20Lingyan%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf">​High Resolution Optical Imaging of Metabolic Dynamics in Animals</a></span><br rtenodeid="15"/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 AMQuing Zhu
BME Seminar: Ashutosh Agarwal, PhD Seminar: Ashutosh Agarwal, PhD2019-02-21T06:00:00ZAshutosh Agarwal, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Agarwal,%20Ashutosh%20Seminar%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="1">​Organ on Chip Platforms for Modeling Human Disease</a><br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 amLori Setton
BME/IMSE/MEMS Seminar: Heather Powell, PhD Seminar: Heather Powell, PhD2019-02-25T06:00:00ZHeather Powell, PhD<p>​<a href="/Events/Documents/Powell%202.25.19.pdf" style="text-decoration-line: underline;"><strong>Biomaterial Strategies for Developing Biomimetic Engineered Skin</strong></a><br/></p>Brauer Hall, Room 01211 a.m.Co-sponsored with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
BME/IMSE/MEMS Seminar: Silvia Zustaik, PhD Seminar: Silvia Zustaik, PhD2019-03-18T05:00:00ZSilviya Zustaik, PhD<p><a href="">​Hydrogels for Drug Screening and Protein Delivery Applications</a><br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall11 a.m.Co-sponsored with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
BME Seminar: Michelle Repice, PhD Seminar: Michelle Repice, PhD2019-03-21T05:00:00ZMichelle Repice, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Repice,%20Michelle%20Poster.pdf">​Successful Networking:  Making Meaningful Career Connections</a><br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 amLori Setton
BME/MBnc Seminar: David Elad, DSc, DSc.aspxBME/MBnc Seminar: David Elad, DSc2019-03-22T05:00:00ZDavid Elad, DSc<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Elad,%20David%20%20Seminar%2003%2022%2019.pdf">Biomechanics of the Female Reproductive Tract</a><br/></p>Room 309, Jolley Hall12:00 pmCo-sponsored with the Interdisciplinary Training in Mechanobiology from nm to cm
BME Seminar: Thi Nguyen, PhD Seminar: Thi Nguyen, PhD2019-04-11T05:00:00ZThi Nguyen, Phd<p>​Leveraging LinkedIn<br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 amAli Ross
Special Seminar: Sumita Pennathur, PhD Seminar: Sumita Pennathur, PhD2019-04-12T05:00:00ZSumita Pennathur, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Pennathur%20Seminar%2004%2012%2019.pdf">Development of Medical Devices Using MEMS and Electrokinetic Fluid Technology</a><br/></p>Rodin Auditorium, Green Hall4:00 pmCo-Sponsored by: Sling Health, AGES, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, & Biomedical Engineering
BME Seminar: Janice L. Robertson, PhD Seminar: Janice L. Robertson, PhD2019-04-18T05:00:00ZJanice L. Robertson, PhD<p><a href="/Events/Documents/Robertson,%20Janice%20Poster.pdf" rtenodeid="6"><span class="ms-rteForeColor-1" style="text-decoration: none solid #8b0000;">Driving Forces of Greasy Protein Association in Greasy Membranes</span></a><br/></p>Room 012, Brauer Hall10:10 amJon Silva
Frank & Grace Yin Distinguished Lecture in Biomedical Engineering & Grace Yin Distinguished Lecture in Biomedical Engineering2019-04-29T05:00:00ZKwabena Boahen<p><a href="/Events/Pages/Frank-Grace-Yin-Distinguished-Lecture-2019.aspx">Spike-Based Neuromorphic Computing</a><br/></p>Whitaker Hall, Room 1001 p.m.Karen Teasdale,


September 7, 2017
2:45 pm, Room 12, Brauer Hall
Kristen Myers, PhD
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University
Co-sponsored with the Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
September 11, 2017
11:00 am, Room 206, Crow Hall

Adam Engler, PhD
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
UC San Diego
Co-sponsored with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
September 21, 2017
10:10 am, Room 100, Whitaker Hall

Shawn Chen, PhD

Senior Investigator
Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Nanomedicine
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
September 28, 2017
2:45 pm, Room 12, Brauer Hall

David Odde, PhD
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Minnesota
Co-sponsored with the Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
October 31, 2017
10:30 am, Erlanger Auditorium, McDonnell Science Building

Manu Platt, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Diversity Director, STC on Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems, GRA Distinguished Scholar
Georgia Tech
Co-sponsored with Developmental Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
November 2, 2017
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall

James Fitzpatrick, PhD
Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering
Scientific Director, Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging
Washington University in St. Louis
November 6, 2017
11:00 am, Room 100, Whitaker Hall

Elizabeth Wayne, PhD
Postdoctural Fellow
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
November 16, 2017
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall

Princess U II Imoukhuede, PhD
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
December 4, 2017
11:00 am, Room 206, Crow Hall
Julie C. Liu
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Purdue University
Co-sponsored with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

January 18, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Jai Rudra, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Texas Medical Branch

January 25, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Jiahe Li, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

February 1, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Blaine Christiansen, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
University of California, Davis

February 8, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Meng Cui, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biology
Purdue University

February 15, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Katharina Maisel, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute for Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago

February 22, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Jia Liu, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering
Stanford University

February 26, 2018
2:00 pm, Room 100, Whitaker Hall
Michele Marcolongo, PhD
Department Head & Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Drexel University
February 27, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Audrey Fan, PhD
Department of Radiology
Stanford University

March 8, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Samantha Santacruz, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
University of California, Berkeley

March 29, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Tamara Kinzer-Ursem, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Purdue University
April 26, 2018
10:10 am, Room 218, Whitaker Hall
Shulamit Levenberg, PhD
Dean, Professor
Stanley and Sylvia Shirvan Chair in Cancer and Life Sciences Technion University, Haifa, Israel

May 1, 2018
1:00-2:00 pm, Emerson Auditorium, Knight Hall
Scott Hollister, PhD

Professor and Patsy and Alan Dorris Chair in Pediatric Technology

Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University


January 19, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Nandan Nerurkar
Research Fellow 
Harvard Medical School
Title:  Molecular Control of Physical Forces during Morphogenesis of the Vertebrate Gut
Focus Area:  Regenerative Engineering in Medicine and/or Biomechanics

January 24, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Marjan Rafat
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Radiation Physics 
Stanford Medicine
Title:  Deconstructing the Tumor and Tissue Microenvironment
Focus Area:  Biomaterials; Tumor Microenvironment

January 26, 2016

BME Faculty Candidate
Michael Vahey
Postdoctoral Fellow 
University California, Berkeley
Title:  Catching the Flu in the Act: Quantifying Influenza A Virus Assembly and Organization using Multispectral Viral Strains
Focus Area:  Molecular & Cellular Systems Engineering

January 31, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Erik Dreaden
Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title:  A Tale of Two Particles: Engineering Rational Combination Therapies against Metastatic Tumors
Focus Area: Cancer Technologies

February 2, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Nathaniel Huebsch
Senior Scientist 
University of California, Berkeley
Title:  Harnessing Mechanobiology to create better Disease Models and Therapies from Mesenchymal and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Focus Area:  Stem Cells and Biomaterials

February 9, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Christopher Nelson
Postdoctoral Scholar
Biomedical Engineering
Duke University
Title:  Delivery of Genome Engineering Technologies for Precision Gene Therapy
Focus Area:  Genome Engineering

February 14, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Eduardo Reátegui
Research Fellow
Massachusetts General Hospital / 
Harvard Medical School

Title:  Microfluidic Liquid Biopsy: seeking Particles Large and Small in Cancer Patient Blood
Focus Area: Cancer Technologies

February 16, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate - Imaging
Raiyan Zaman
Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine
Stanford Medicine
Novel Fiber-Based Optical Systems for Biomedical Applications
Focus Area:
Biomedical/Biological Quantitative Molecular Imaging

February 21, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Erica Jung
Postdoctoral Associate
Synthetic Neurobiology Lab at the Media Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title:  High-speed neural imaging with a genetically encoded voltage sensor
Focus Area: Neural Engineering

CANCELED - February 23, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Thomas Gaj
Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, Berkeley
Title:  Therapeutic Genome Editing using CRISPR-Cas9
Focus Area: Molecular & Cellular Systems Engineering

February 28, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Michael Mitchell
Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI Fellow 
Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow
Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title:  Engineering Blood and Marrow for Cancer Therapy
Focus Area: Cancer Technologies

March 2, 2016

BME Faculty Candidate
Associate Research Scientist 
Institute of Systems Biology 
Yale University
Title:  The Stag Hunt Game in Cancer: How Cells Cooperate Within Cancer Populations and Stroma to Divide and Conquer
Focus Area: Cancer Metastasis, Intercellular Communication, Integrative Biology

March 9, 2016

BME Faculty Candidate - Imaging Search
Abhinav K.  Jha
Johns Hopkins University
Title:  Objective Assessment of Image Quality-based Techniques to Advance Technologies for Quantitative Medical Imaging 
Focus Area: Computational imaging, imaging informatics

March 23, 2017

Yoram Rudy
The Fred Saigh Distinguished Professor 
Title:  Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias in the Intact Human Heart:  Selected Examples 
Focus Area:  Cardiovascular Engineering

March 28, 2017

Paul Wiseman
Professor of Physics & Chemistry 
Otto Maass Chair in Chemistry 
McGill University
Title:  Mesoscale Regulation of Podosome Turnover in Human Dendritic Cells Revealed with Image Correlation Methods
Focus Area:  Biomedical and Biological Imaging
Host:  Dr. Steve George

March 30, 2017

Leslie M. Loew
Cell Biology and Computer Science & Engineering
University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Engineering
Title:  Signaling to the Actin Cytoskeleton
Virtual Cell (V-Cell) demonstration to follow in Whitaker 318.
Focus Area: Cell Biophysics
Host:  Drs. Kristen Naegle and Jonathan Silva

April 13, 2017 in Whitaker 100

co-sponsored by The Institute for Informatics

Andrea Califano
Chair, Systems Biology
Professor, Chemical & Systems Biology
Columbia University
Title:  Addressing the Precision Deficit Disorder: leveraging Genomic Data and Models in the Post-mutational Era
Focus Area:  Systems biology, cancer, neurodegeneration 
Host:  Drs. Kristen Naegle & Philip Payne

April 20, 2017

Michel M. Maharbiz
Electrical Engineering 
University of California - Berkeley
Title:  Recent Advances in Neural Dust, a Platform for Peripheral and Central Nervous System Recording
Focus Area:  Biosystems & Computational Biology
Host:  Dr. Barani Raman

April 28, 2017

BME Faculty Candidate
Karin Wang
Research Fellow
Department of Environmental Health
Harvard University School of Public Health

Title:  Mechanobiology of Breast Tumorigenesis

Host:  Prof. Lori Setton

April 27, 2017

David Eliezer
Weill Cornell Medical College
Title:  Alpha-synuclein, Tau and Complexin: Disordered Proteins in Neurodegeneration and Neurotransmission
Focus Area: Disease-related proteins
Host:  Prof. Jan Bieschke


Seminar Date



Seminar Title


Alaa Ahmed, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado

Metabolic cost in movement decision making: a neuroeconomic framework


Steve George, MD, PhD

Elvera and William Stuckenberg Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, WUSTL

InVitro Modeling of Vascularized Cardiac and Tumor Tissue


Nenad Bursac, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Engineering of Functional Skeletal Muscle: from Rats to Humans


Patrick Rousche, PhD

Founding Director, Ensis Scientific Consulting

Commercializing Academic Research: What students and faculty in Biomedical Engineering need to know about the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR).


Neb Duric, PhD

Kamanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State Univ.

Ultrasound Tomography: from Laboratory Promise to Clinical Realization


Johanna Temenoff, PhD

Associate Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech/Emory

Tunable GAG-based Biomaterials for Sequestration and Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins


Henry Colecraft, PhD

Associate Professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics, Columbia Univ.

Calcium Channel Engineering


Roland Kaunas, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M

Mechanobiology of Cell-Matrix Interactions in Blood Vessels and Bone


Chris Xu, PhD

Professor, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell

In VivoMultiphoton Imaging of Mouse Brain


Elizabeth Nance, PhD

PD Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Nanotherapeutics for Neurological Disorders


Samuel Senyo, PhD

PD Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Direct Evidence for Cardiac Proliferation in the Mammalian Heart


Ashley Brown, PhD

Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology

Development of Microgel Systems for Evaluation and Modulation of Biological Responses


Heather Duffy, PhD

Student Attorney, Suffolk Law School Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Science and the Law: Protecting and Commercializing Scientific Discoveries


Lori Setton, PhD

Professor, Duke University

Advancing Regenerative Medicine Approaches to Treat Intervertebral Disc Disorders


Eun Ji Chung, PhD

Research Associate, Tirrell Research Group, The University of Chicago

Molecular Engineering for Regenerative Medicine and Theranostic Applications


Mounir Tarek, PhD

Research Director, CNRS Nancy University, Cedex, France

Synergic use of Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Experiments Reveal Key Aspects of Lipid Membranes Electroporation


Corin Williams, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University

Cardiac Extracellular Matrix as a 'Regenerative Biomaterial for the Young Heart


Crystal Ripplinger, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, UC, Davis

Novel Approaches for Calcium Imaging in the Intact Heart


Muyinatu Bell, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering Research Center for Computer - Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology, Johns Hopkins University

Toward Clinical Implementation of Photoacoustic Imaging Systems with Short-lag Spatial Coherence Beamforming


Ying Hu, PhD

CIRM Postdoctoral Fellow, Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center, Salk Institute

Seeing through Light: unveilling new biological structures by Manipulating and Resolving Light in the Sub-diffraction Regime


Hong Chen, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

Ultrasound Therapy and Imaging: applications in Brain Drug Delivery and Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


Kai Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate, Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Hi Resolution Subcellular Imaging throughout Whole Living Organisms


Liang Gao, PhD

Advisory Research Scientist Computational Optical Imaging Group, RIC

Developing Next Generation Multidimensional Optical Imaging Devices


Garrett Stanley, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology/Emory University

Reading and Writing the Neural Code: Challenges in Neuroengineering


Shu Chien, MD, PhD

Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine; Director, Institute of Engineering in Medicine, UC-San Diego

Role of microRNA in Endothelial Mechanotransduction in Health and Disease


Pamela Kreeger, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Impact of Cellular Network and Microenvironmental Variations in Disease


Quing Zhu, PhD

Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut

Ultrasound-guded Difuse Light Imaging/Co-registered Ultrasound & Photoacoustic Imaging: Matching the tool to the Cancer Site


Seminar Date



Seminar Title


Jessica Wagenseil, DSc

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, WUSTL

Elastin in arterial growth and remodeling


Frederic Theunissen, PhD

Director, Auditory Science Lab, Psychology & Neuroscience, UC, Berkley

Neural representation of a complete vocal repertoire in a songbird: from sound to meaning


Ira Cohen, MD, PhD

Leading Professor, Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics, Stony Brook University

Acquired Long Q-T Syndrome: Block of IKr or Inhibition of PI3- Kinase?


Sandor Kovacs, PhD

Professor, IM-Cardiovascular Division, WUSTL

How the Heart Works when it Fills: an Engineering Perspective


Spencer Lake, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, WUSTL

Structure-Function Relationships of Orthopaedic Soft Tissues


Jeffrey Jacot, PhD

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering and Director of the Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Lab TX Childrens Hosp., Rice University

Engineering Heart Tissue for Pediatric Applications


Shuming Nie, PhD

Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Chair Professor, Georgia Tech / Emory

Nanomedicine: New Opportunities in Targeted Cancer Therapy and Image-guided Surgery


Johannes Reisert, PhD

Associate Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center

Dynamics and basal activity of olfactory receptor neurons


Bastiaan Boukens, PhD

Research Scientist, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, WUSTL

The Origin of Electrophysiological Heterogeneities in the Heart: a developmental and evolutionary view


Stacey Rentschler, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, IM-Cardiovascular Division, WUSTL

Developmental Paradigms in Cardiovascular Regeneration


Andrew McCulloch, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Jacobs Distinguished Scholar, Department of Bioengineering, UC, San Diego

Multi-Scale Modeling of the Failing Heart


Emilia Entcheva, PhD

Professor of BME, Physiology and Biophysics, SUNY at Stony Brook

Towards All-optical Cardiac Electrophysiology via Optogenetics


Zachary Pincus, PhD

Assistant Professor, Developmental Biology and Genetics, WUSTL

Variability in Longevity and the Origins of Individuality


Gerald Dorn, MD

Philip & Sima K Needleman Professor of Medicine, IM-Pharmacogenomics, WUSTL

Mitochondrial Fission/Fusion and Qualilty Control in Development and Disease


Venkatesh Murthy, PhD

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University

Algorithms and neural circuits in odor-guided behaviors in mice


Vincent Christoffels, PhD

Professor of Developmental Biology, University of Amsterdam

Transcriptional regulation of cardiac conduction system development


H. Peter Larsson, PhD

Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

KCNE1 divides the voltage sensor movement in cardiac Iks channels into two steps


Chris Gemmiti, PhD

Founder & Managing Director, Ridgewood Consulting LLC, Organogenesis, Inc.

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Failure and Success


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Mark Stopfer, PhD

Investigator, NIH

Neural codes for odor and taste


Kathy Miller, PhD Gina Frey, PhD

Professor & Chair, Dept. of Biology
Executive Director of The Teaching Center and co-Director of CIRCLE WUSTL

Washington University’s CIRTL Program for Future Faculty in STEM


Roger Markwald, PhD

Professor & Chair, Medical University of South Carolina

Veni, vidi, vici: from fibroblast origin, through visualization to defeating pathological valve and myocardial remodeling


Simon Tang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, BME, MEMS, WUSTL

The Biological Regulation of Matrix Quality in Skeletal Tissues


John Cunningham, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, WUSTL

Understanding Computation in Neural Populations


Yongping Zheng, PhD

Acting Head & Professor, Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Biomedical and Engineering, Department of Health Technology & Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Techniques for Measurement of Soft Tissue Elasticity: From Innovation to Application


Brenda Schulman, PhD

Member , HHMI/St. Judes Research Hospital

Twists and Turns in Ubiquitin Conjugation Cascades


Kevin Janes, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

A systems perspective on signaling networks perturbed by viruses, small molecules, and RNAi


Lori Setton, PhD

Professor , Duke University

Engineering Injectable Depots for Intra-Articular and Peri-Neural Drug Delivery


Megan McCain, PhD

Disease Biophysics Group, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University

From Womb to Doom: Mechanical Regulation of Cardiac Tissue Assembly in Morphogenesis and Pathogenesis


Jan Bieschke, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, WUSTL

Protein Misfolding: Mechanisms and Intervention Strategies


Kristen Naegle, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, WUSTL

Predicting novel protein interactions and the case for ensemble clustering


Robin Dowell-Deen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology , University of Colorado, Boulder

Coping Strategies: Adaptation and Aneuploidy


Craig Goergen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering , Purdue University

Cardiac and Vascular In Vivo Imaging in Health and Disease


Pat Alford, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Engineered Tissues for Studying Vascular Mechano-Adaptation


Jim Havranek, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Genetics, WUSTL

Computational Protein Design: Algorithms and Applications


Stephanie Willerth, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Victoria

Engineering reproducible neural tissue from pluripotent stem cells


Karen Troy, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago

Quantifying the input/output relationship between in vivo mechanical loads and bone adaptation in women


Matt Kupinski, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Image Science and Adaptive Imaging


Robi Mitra, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Genetics, WUSTL

Recording transcription factor binding using transposon 'Calling Cards'


Regina Murphy, PhD

Smith-Bascom Professor, Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering , University of Wisconsin, Madison

Transthyretin: A natural anti-Alzheimer’s agent?


Jordan Taylor, PhD

Assistant Professor, Princeton University

The Role of Cognitive Strategies in Motor Learning