Major Awards Funded FY '16

Mark Anastasio, 4 yrs, $2.4M, NIH, "An Enabling Technology for Preclinical X-ray Imaging of Biomaterials in-vivo".
Steven George, 2 yrs, $0.6M, NIH, (PQ8) "Bone Marrow-on-a-Chip: an Invitro 3D Model of Breast Cancer Dormancy".
Rohit Pappu, 5 yrs., $2.85M, NIH-NINDS, Title: "Mechanism of huntingtin exon 1 aggregation by profilin".
Rohit Pappu, 5 yrs., $1.67M, NIH-NINDS, Title: "Role of chain length and sequence contexts on polyglutamine
Barani Raman (PI), 3 yrs., $750 K, ONR, Title: "Hybrid chemical sensing with bio-electronic nose". (Co-PIs: Drs.
Shantanu Chakrabartty and Srikanth Singamaneni)
Barani Raman (co-PI), 2 yrs., $80K, McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, Title: "Neural dynamics of
threshold based processing in sensory networks". (PI: Dr. Shinung Ching)
Barani Raman (co-PI), 3 yrs, $400K, ONR, Bio-optoelectronic Nose: A Novel Platform for Orthogonal Chemical Sensing (PI: Srikanth Singamaneni)
Lori Setton, 4 yrs., $1.2M, NIH, Title: "Engineering Microenvironments for the Nucleus Pulposus Cell".
Jonathan Silva, 2 yrs, $154K, American Heart Association, Title: "Molecular Pathology of Brugada Syndrome Mutations".

Major Awards Funded FY '15

Jianmin Cui, 4 yrs., $3.11M, NIH, Title: "Manipulating IKS as a Therapeutic Approach to Cardiac Arrhythmias".
Jianmin Cui, 5 yrs., $1.67M, NIH, Title: "KCNQ Channels: Gating and Subunits Modulation”.
Barani Raman, 5 yrs., $600K, NSF CAREER, Title: "Neural Dynamics, Olfactory Coding and Behavior".

Major Awards Funded FY '14

Dan Moran, 3 yrs., $1.86M, DARPA, Title: “Development of a macro-sieve interface for chronic communication in the primate peripheral nervous system”.
Yoram Rudy, 4 yrs., $1.52M, NIH, Title: “Cardiac Excitation and Arrhythmias”.
Kurt Thoroughman (co-PI with Joseph O'Sullivan), 5 years, NSF/BHEF, $500K to Washington University (part of $4.5M consortium), Title: "Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) Proposal to Implement & Evaluate Models for Business Engagement to Increase Undergraduate STEM Student Persistence".
Lihong Wang, 3 yrs., $270K, NIH, Title: “Fast high-resolution deep photoacoustic tomography of action potentials in brains”.
Lihong Wang and Methodius Tuuli, 5 yrs., $360K, March of Dimes, Title: “High-speed functional photoacoustic endoscopy for assessment of cervical remodeling”.

Major Awards Funded FY '13

Mark Anastasio, 3 yrs., $275K, NSF, Title: "Collaborative Research Development of Preclinical X-ray Phase Contract Tomography for 3D Imaging of Engineering Tissues".
Mark Anastasio and Lihong Wang, 4 yrs., $2.5 million, NIH, Title: "Whole-body Small-animal Photoacoustic-ultrasonic Computed Tomography".
Vitaly Klyachko, 5 yrs, $1.69 million, NINDS, Title: "Multiple Roles of RMRP in Synaptic Function and Plasticity".
Vitaly Klyachko, 4 yrs, $1.52 million, NINDS, Title: "The Role of BK Channels in Neuropathology of Fragile X Syndrome".
Barani Raman (with Audrey Odom), 1 yr, $449K, Child Discovery Institute, Title: "Towards noninvasive diagnosis of malaria infection through exhaled breath analysis".
Yoram Rudy, 4 yrs, $1.52 million, NIH, Title: "Inverse and Forward Problems in Electrocardiography".
Yoram Rudy, 4 yrs, $1.52 million, NIH, Title: "Cardiac Excitation and Arrhythmias".
Lihong Wang, 5 yrs., $3.5 million, NIH Transformative Research Award, Title: "In Vivo Imaging of Single Circulating Cells".
Lihong Wang, 2 yrs., $110K, NIST, Title: "Reflection-mode photoacoustic imaging of tissue phantom standards".
Lihong Wang, 3 yrs., $320K, NSF, Title: "Collaborative Research/IDBR: High-throughput measurement of oxygen consumption rates of single cells using wide-field optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy".

Major Awards Funded FY ‘12

Dan Moran, 4 yrs, $1.99 million, NSF, Title: “Development of New Algorithmic Models and Tools to Enhance Neural Adaptation in Brain Computer Interface Systems”.
Rohit Pappu, 4 yrs, $847K, NSF, Title: "Phase Behavior of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins".
Barani Raman, 3 yrs, $732K, ONR, Title: "Neuromorphic Chemical Sensing Using Miniaturized Microsensor Arrays".
Lihong Wang, 5 yrs., $3.8 million, NIH Director’s Pioneer Award, Title: "Photon tunneling: Shedding new light on biomedicine".

Major Awards Funded FY ‘11

Mark Anastasio, 1 yr, $172K, NSF, Title: "Novel X-ray Imaging of Carotid Plaque Microstructure".
Jeffrey Arbeit and Lihong Wang, 5 yrs., $3.1 million, NIH, Title: "Photoacoustic microscopy of neovascularization in renal cancer growth and therapy".
Rohit Pappu, 5 yrs, $1.66 million, NIH, Title: "Role of Chain Length and Sequence Contexts on Polyglutamine Aggregation".
Yoram Rudy, 3 yrs, $295K, NSF, Title: "Modeling Spatial Organization of Cardiac Cell Function: Application to Calcium Waves and Arrhythmia".
Jin-Yu Shao, 2 yrs, $418K, NIH, Title: "Biomechanics of Unfolding the A2 Domain of Von Willebrand's Factor".
Larry Taber, 5 yrs, $1.63 million, NINDS, Title: "Mechanics of Early Brain and Eye Development".
Lihong Wang, 2 yrs., $100K, National Academies Keck Futures Initiative, Title: "Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) optical focusing for biomedical imaging".
Lihong Wang, 1 yr. $50K, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Title: “Photoacoustic imaging of temperature in tissue”.
Lihong Wang, 1 yr., $600K, NIH, Title: "High-frequency ultrasonic and photoacoustic imaging system".