Biomedical & Biological Imaging (BBI)​

This program seeks to bring the most innovative technology — whether it be next-generation hardware, multiple modalities, advanced image reconstruction or signal-processing methods, new contrast agents or novel applications — to bear on important basic science and clinical issues. Our goal is to develop new technologies to complement the already strong research and clinical imaging activities in our community.

​​​​​Primary Faculty

Affiliated Faculty


  • photoacoustic tomography
  • thermoacoustic tomography
  • phase-contrast x-ray imaging
  • nanoparticle imaging agents
  • diffuse optical tomography
  • neural imaging
  • multimodality imaging
  • ultrasound-modulated optical tomography
  • optical coherence computed tomography
  • electrocardiographic imaging
  • optical bioelectric imaging
  • time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) optical focusing