​Study Abroad

In addition to the study-abroad programs available through the College of Arts and Sciences, there are biomedical engineeringspecific exchange programs available to students during the semester or summer.

Studying abroad is a valuable experience. Our packed curriculum, however, requires careful planning and consultation prior to undertaking any international program. In addition to the study abroad programs available through the College of Arts and Sciences, there are BME-specific exchange programs as detailed below.

Hong Kong Polytechnic U. (HKPU) Exchanges

Selected undergraduates have a unique opportunity each summer to experience applications of BME with students and faculty at HKPU. During this two-week Community Service Learning Project (CSLP) students first visit HKPU for orientation and then travel to a clinic/hospital in China to experience first-hand some rehabilitative applications of the material learned in the Quantitative Physiology courses. Some senior design projects for the ensuing fall semester have arisen from this experience. Applications for this summer program are accepted beginning early each spring semester. Upon completion of this program 2 credits will be awarded in the fall semester.

In addition to these summer exchanges, there is a possibility for a semester-long coursework exchange at HKPU. Interested students should contact the BME office or Engineering Student Services for further details.

Whitaker Foundation International Programs

The Foundation sponsors the following three international programs for BME students: 1) Those with a BS-BME degree can apply for a year (extendable to two) program to study or conduct research at an international institution of their choice. 2) Current undergraduates can apply for an 8-week summer internship, study or research opportunity. 3) Current undergraduates can also apply to study abroad for a semester or entire academic year. All three programs provide generous financial support and are administered by the Institute for International Education, which also administers the Fulbright Fellows Program.