Nearly a full third of PhD students studying biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis received research support through an external fellowship.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering strongly encourages prospective doctoral program applicants to apply the following fellowships. In addition to the application to WashU BME, the application packages should be submitted separately in the fellowship admission websites.

Chair's Doctoral Fellowship

WashU BME believes that student body diversity brings great strength and innovation to doctoral research and education.

Diversity in BME is advanced by having a broad variety of cultural, socioeconomic, gender, racial, ethnic, geographical, philosophical/religious, and other distinctive backgrounds and perspectives (e.g., first-generation college graduates, experience facing personal or financial hardship). 

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers a Chair’s Doctoral Fellowship that supports an additional $5,000 annually above the standard stipend for up to three years to admitted prospective doctoral students who would contribute to the diversity of BME doctoral education. Selection criteria include academic qualifications, experiences attributes communicated through application materials and an admissions interview. 

To be considered for the fellowship, submit your application by March 15.

Dean's International Award

The Dean’s International Award is designed for PhD applicants who are currently undergraduate or master’s degree students from select universities. 

For more information on the Dean's Award 

University Fellowships

  • McDonnell International Scholars Academy. This fellowship is open to students from 30 McDonnell Partnership Institutions domestic and abroad.
  • Chancellor’s Fellowship. The Ann W. and Spencer T. Olin – Chancellor’s Fellowship (OCF) is an elite cohort of outstanding graduate students with diverse backgrounds and from varied disciplines.

National Competitive Fellowships