Regenerative Engineering in Medicine combines cell and molecular biology, cell biophysics and engineering methods to understand and control the organization and function of tissues.

This program seeks to determine the fundamental principles regulating growth and remodeling in natural and engineered tissues. The result will be a better understanding of normal growth processes and the responses of cells, tissues and organisms to disease and trauma. This knowledge will be applied to the development of materials that promote healing and the regeneration of functional tissues.

Primary Faculty

Cory Berkland
Jianmin Cui
Nathaniel Huebsch
Michelle L. Oyen
Jai Rudra
Alexandra Rutz
Jin-Yu Shao
Lori Setton
Jonathan Silva

Affiliate Faculty

Jennifer Alexander-Brett
Phil Bayly
David Curiel
Michael Greenberg
Jianjun Guan
Farshid Guilak
David Gutmann
James Heuttner
Spencer Lake
Eric Leuthardt
Matthew MacEwan
Audrey McAlinden
Robert Mecham
Gretchen Meyer
Jeffrey Millman
Zachary Ray
Maria Remedi
Stacey Rentschler
Erica Scheller
Jie Shen
Matthew Silva
Simon Tang
Jessica Wagenseil
Mohamed Zayed