Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death and disability in developed countries. Cardiovascular engineering encompasses a multi-disciplinary effort to improve our understanding of cardiovascular disease and develop better therapies.

This program seeks to develop new methods to study, diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. Examples include understanding how molecules control the heartbeat, imaging the electrical potential at the surface of the heart, engineering cardiac tissues, and creating mathematical models to connect heart function to its nanoscale molecular foundation.

Primary Faculty

Jianmin Cui
Song Hu
Nathaniel Huebsch
Abhinav Jha
Jin-Yu Shao
Jonathan Silva
Chao Zhou

Affiliated Faculty

David Birk
Carmen Bergom
Matthew Bersi
Guy Genin
Michael Greenberg
Geoff Hugo
Sandor Kovacs
Gregory Lanza
Robert Mecham
Jeanne Nerbonne
Colin Nichols
Stacey Rentschler
Janice Robertson
Hua Pan
Kooresh Isaac Shoghi
Monica Shokeen
Jessica Wagenseil
Yong Wang
Pamela Woodard
Mohamed Zayed
Christian Zemlin