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BME Day is an annual celebration of student innovation and design. In the yearlong senior design capstone course, students team up to tackle real-world biomedical challenges and present their solutions to faculty, students, and industry leaders.

BME Day 2024

Dive into the highlights from BME Day, where senior undergraduates in Biomedical Engineering showcased their groundbreaking senior design projects. Discover the creativity and the critical thinking that define the future of biomedical engineering.

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Revolutionizing Cervical Monitoring

Transforming Drug Safety

BME Day 2023

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Working in small teams, students work towards building a prototype of original design or redesign that tackles real-world biomedical engineering challenges.

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Frank C. P. and Grace C. Yin Distinguished Lecture

In 1997, Frank C. P. Yin, MD, PhD established the Department of Biomedical Engineering. During his more than 15 years as department chair, Yin developed one of the most renowned and fastest-growing programs in the country. The department has established the Frank C. P. Yin and Grace C. Yin Distinguished Lectureship in Biomedical Engineering to celebrate the contributions of Yin and his wife, Grace, to the community. Held every BME Day, this lectureship is designed to highlight the contributions of truly accomplished researchers in biomedical engineering and biomedical sciences.
Frank and Grace Yin

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Can engineering students help you advance your research or business goals? Looking for ways to connect with students? Email senior design professor, Joseph Klaesner for information on becoming a design client or judge at

Design Award Winners

Senior Design Awards
  • 1st – "CartoTank" – Mihir Shah, Christopher Teng, Kenneth Yeh
  • 2nd – "SoloSole: A Unilateral Clubfoot Brace" – Kathryn Feeney, Gianna Jewhurst, Jenna Necaise
  • 3rd – "Revive-L5" – Evie Anagnos, Sophie Paradi, Camila Maneiro
  • Most Likely to be Commercialized – "Cerv: Cervical Dilation Monitor" – Sandy Montgomery, Annika Avula, Elizabeth Buzbee
Design Excellence Award
  • "NoMeOH" – Sophie Ma, Jack McGuire, Dhruv Mathur
  • "Cerv: Cervical Dilation Monitor" – Sandy Montgomery, Annika Avula, Elizabeth Buzbee
  • "Diagnosing Cervical Insufficiency" – Kristina Dalton, Abir Hamdaoui, Shibapriya Tista Mandal
Senior Design Awards
  • 1st – "Fistula Fighters" – Savannah Chatman, Samantha Olson and Trinh Woolridge
  • 2nd – "Quantitative Visualization of Tremor in the Upper Extremities" – Ryan Gladwell, Joshua Josef and Cassandra Majewski
  • 3rd – "Cardioconnect" – Miranda Copehaver, Evin Jaff and Alex Joggerst
  • Most Likely to be Commercialized – "Novel Advancements in Viral Testing" – Nilay Jakati, Omer Kazmi and Shikha Shah
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
  • "Fistula Fighters" – Savannah Chatman, Samantha Olson and Trinh Woolridge
  • "Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) joint goniometer system" – Jingwei Ling, Bochun Mei and Huihao Wang
Senior Design Awards
  • 1st – "Premature Infant Movement Analyzer" – Carley DeGennaro, Julia Miller, Gillian Saperstein
  • 2nd – "Increasing Flexibility of Youth Fielding Gloves" – Kirsten Drabek, Katie Gould, Alec Huang
  • 3rd – "DiabetesNet: Optimizing Beta-Islet Cell Transplantation with AI" – Bhumika Gupta, Mohammad Hadji